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By Scott William Mueller, Brian Knittel

ISBN-10: 0789736950

ISBN-13: 9780789736956

The needs to extensive publication ebook on home windows you should purchase. it's a needs to learn while you're drawn to the interior workings of home windows.

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1. Windows has many layers of software between your application and the PC's hardware. 47 48 Hardware Layers Ultimately, all the work your computer does is performed by hardware. The central processing unit (CPU) shuffles data around; calculates where to draw the letters, images, and lines on your display; interprets the data stored on your disks; and so on. Ancillary processors also do a considerable amount of work. Every hard disk, for example, has its own dedicated CPU that is responsible for not only moving the magnetic recording head back and forth across the disk surface and generating and interpreting the recorded signals, but also for caching and optimizing the flow of data between the disk and the system.

However, Microsoft recognized from the start that operating system products sold to business customers had to have a level of support that rivaled that of other enterprise software vendors, so the Windows NT product line has enjoyed a much higher level of support. This is not a trivial or inexpensive undertaking because proper software quality management is expensive, time-consuming, and involves interactions with customers on several levels: • Communicating known bugs to customers. • Development and announcement of any possible short-term workarounds, and estimated delivery dates for complete fixes.

Microsoft also made it simple enough to manage, and attractive enough to appeal to end consumers. It also didn't hurt that NT was a truly reliable operating system, much more robust than Win9x. This in itself is remarkable given how much Windows had grown. The original version of Windows fit on two floppy disks. Windows XP required about 2GB of disk space just to install. 2. 2. 0 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows XP Lines of Code 6 10 15 16 18 30 40 37 38 Windows Vista 50 This is really a staggering amount of code, given that it's estimated that a typical programmer can produce about 100 lines of quality program code per day.

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